Davanti Tyres


This tyre is a relatively new tyre brand that has gained popularity in recent years, offering mid-range tyres at an affordable price point. Their tyres are designed with the latest technology and are rigorously tested to ensure high quality and performance.

One of the key benefits of choosing Davanti’s brand is its focus on safety. Their tyres are designed to provide excellent grip and handling in all weather conditions, including wet and slippery roads. They also offer a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to their advanced construction and materials. It’s designed to give an unmatchable driving experience

Davanti Tyres offers an Accidental Damage Guarantee to drivers who may experience accidental damage to their tyres through normal road use. If such damage occurs, you are entitled to a replacement tyre at a discounted price. The amount of discount is proportionate to the amount of tread used on the damaged tyre.